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How To Care For Luxury Vinyl Tile

Are you interested in luxury vinyl tile? You’ll be glad to hear that it’s a low maintenance floor solution. Compared to other floorings, this material doesn’t require much upkeep. However, you want to ensure you’re caring for it properly to extend its life. So, here’s how to care for them.

How Long It Will Take:

We’d recommend doing this routine once or twice a week, depending on how messy the room gets. It won’t take long either. This just prevents anything from staining the surface and keeps your floors looking great.

What You Will Need:

  • Vacuum or soft bristle sweeping brush
  • Mop
  • Mild Detergent
  • Water


  • Adhesive floor protectors
  • Door mats

How Much It Will Cost:

It’s very likely that you’ll already have all the items needed around your house. If not, it might set you back around £20 to buy the most basic equipment required. This is very reasonable to get years out of your luxury vinyl tile.

Man's Hand Wipes Clean Rag Across Freshly Installed Vinyl Floori

Luxury Vinyl Tile Maintenance

Prepare The Space

This floor doesn’t require much maintenance. To start with, you should move any bits of furniture or rugs out of the way whilst you start the cleaning process. This will just make it easier to reach spaces. Next, using a hoover or a soft bristle brush, pick up all the bits that may have accumulated on the floor. A simple sweep will make the next step much easier.

Mop Cleaning Luxury Vinyl Tile

Wipe Clean

Next, use water and a mop to wipe down the floor. Any mud marks or food splashes will disappear, leaving the luxury vinyl tile looking like new. It’s important to know that you should never soak the floor either. The mop should be wrung out thoroughly before it hits the floor. For extra tough stains, add a bit of mild detergent to the water and it should come off in no time.

Reduce Clean Up

Now you’ve got the cleaning process down, here’s a tip to keep your floor in great condition. If your luxury vinyl tile is in a high traffic area or by exterior doors, why not get some mats in the doorways? Doormats will come in handy in reducing the amount of mess bought into the room.

Man Attaching Floor Protectors

Prevent Scratches

Though each luxury vinyl tile is very durable, it’s better to treat your flooring with care. To prevent any scratches, why not get some floor protectors to place on the feet of heavy furniture? This is a quick, simple, and affordable way to keep your floor looking great. Simply take off the back of the adhesive and stick it onto table feet, the bottom of your chairs, or even the legs of units.

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Luxury vinyl tile doesn’t require much care and is a low maintenance flooring solution. All it needs is basic upkeep to ensure it’s in good condition. Contact our team to have a look at our wide range of options on offer.

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