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How To Choose The Perfect Carpet For Your Home

Are you struggling to choose which carpets to put in your home? There are an abundance of styles, piles, and materials to pick from so it can be tricky. When choosing a flooring solution, it’s important to think about practicality first and foremost. At The Carpet & Bed Warehouse, you don’t have to compromise on style to find a sensible floor, as we have a wide range of styles to pick from.

We’ve put together a few points we think you should consider before opting for a carpet.

What Room Is It Going In?

This is an important question as each room in your house is treated differently. You should consider the foot traffic, furniture, and how much a room is used.

The stairs are usually a well-used space in the house that has heavy foot traffic, so you’ll want to find a durable fabric that doesn’t show marks easily. If you are getting carpets for a dining room, you’ll need to consider options that can hold up under sliding chairs and the fabric needs to be easy to clean off food spills. A shorter pile is best for use in both of the spaces.

In your bedroom, you have the opportunity to opt for a plush, soft, and cosy carpet. Here, you can choose carpets with a higher, denser pile.

Carpet In Bedroom

What Is Pile?

This just refers to the length of the loops in carpets and how they are looped. There are many types such as cut and woven, and they all have different textures to them. A high-pile floor will have longer loops, making for a fluffy and cosy surface. Low pile has a flatter surface, but this comes with many advantages.

Carpets Cleaning & Maintenance

Muddy Paws On Carpet

If you have children or pets, you know that floors might get a little messier than usual. A lower pile surface is easier to clean and remove stains from, so this is usually recommended. Also, pet claws might get caught on longer loop piles, so this is another reason of why a flatter style is more appropriate.

The Right Colour

When it comes to carpets, you might want to think about what colour you’re going to opt for. Whether that’s statement colours, patterns, or more neutral tones. Many people go for the practicality of neutral beiges or greys as they don’t overpower a room’s aesthetic. Be cautious of extremely light or dark colours as this might make dirt and stains more prominent.

Perfect Base

Carpet, Padding, And Plywood Layers For Installation Of Flooring

Whatever room you’re looking to kit out, it’s important to not forget about choosing the right underlay. A high-quality underlay will make a huge difference by making carpets feel comfier underfoot.

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